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My firm has relied 100% on Full Turn and I’ve gotta say, it’s been liberating. we focus on leases and sales not maintenance and make readies. Richard O. Broker

Full Turn Services is a unique company offering a one call ongoing maintenance solution for investors, property management firms, private homeowners, and insurance brokers throughout the South East. Our predictive maintenance program has reduced tenant work order submissions by over 40% for our full time customers. 


Our Problem Solvers specializes in turn-key assistance. With online billing, web-based workflow tools and a team dedicated to efficient project management, we’ve earned the motto “Problem Solved. Full Turn Services has helped our clients grow exponentially and out-perform their competition.


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Solve maintenance related issues to retain value and reduce tenant turnover through technology and process innovation.
Our unit turns went from 2+ weeks to 3-5 days!Thomas T.
Full Turn Services makes my life easy, what else can a property manager with over 150 homes under her say? Sherry C., Property Manager