Full Turn Services work order pipeline

Fix Me!

Your tenants let you know they have an issue in their home

The 1 Step Solution

Send It To Full Turn

The 1 Step Solution

Send It To Full Turn

We’ve Got It From Here

Digital Details:

Our custom system tracks the project from beginning to end including all the communication between our Problem Solvers the property manager and tenant.

  • Text

    The fastest way is through text. These are all stored and can be retrieved at anytime.

  • Email

    A great way to get tenant, property manager and us all on the same page.

  • Call

    All of our conversations are logged in the same system for easier communication.

Total Work Orders Completed
Jan-Dec 2016-2018

You’re In The Loop The Whole Time

  • Property Manager Knows The Schedule

    When the tenant confirms their appointment the property manager receives an email with date, time and details. There’s a nifty option to add it to your calendar too:)

  • Auto Updates

    Things change. You’ll be the first to know if there is a scope or schedule change with auto email and calendar updates.

  • Auto Reminders

    The tenant will recieve a text 1 hour before their scheduled appointment. The property manager will have an appointment reminder sent to their inbox. All in the background, like magic.

Our Problem Solvers Are Dispatched.

Our System Won’t Leave Out A Detail

We’ve Completed The Repair, But Our Job’s Not Done

Our Field Problem Solvers Digitally Record Every Work Order

We Make Billing And Documentation A Breeze

Before & After Photos On Every Invoice
Material Vs. Labor Break Down
GPS Confirms Time Spent On Job

Our Office Audits Every Work Order

24 Hours Later Our Tenant Relation Problem Solver Will Follow Up With Your Renter. We’ll Get Ahead Of Any Issues & Concerns. We’re Shooting For 5 Star Review Every Time.

We love that there’s always somebody to call! Great customer service. We were finally able to focus on growing our business than juggling work orders and handymen. A. Macy, Property Manager-Savannah

Problem Solved